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      Mondays & Tuesdays: READ ALOUDS

      Teachers will read specific stories out loud to the class on Mondays and Tuesdays, Students will be responsible to complete some form of EXIT TICKET about the reading before class ends.

      All EXIT TICKETS will use one of the comprehension strategies posted in all 7-8th grade classrooms. Currently, This Side of Paradise is being read to 7th grade students. Students may be asked to picture what's going on, summarize events/feelings/attitudes, figure out what happened to "Susan" or "mom" in the story, predict what's going to happen, etc.

    • Wednesdays- SILENT READING

      Students will read books throughout the year and keep a written log of what they've read. Additionally, each day of silent reading requires a short 3-5 sentence summary about what they've just read. This practices the skill of summarization.

      • Thursdays & Fridays- ROTATION INTERVENTIONS

        Students will be rotated through Math, English and Science interventions. Interventions will be posted here.

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