This is an optional accelerated track for English 4 students who wish to challenge themselves and broaden their horizons beyond the standard course curriculum. Participation in these activities is at the sole discretion of the instructor. Participation is voluntary, but once committed, students will be held accountable for completion of advanced projects and will receive course credit based on their work (assignments will be graded). 

Advanced Curriculum Objectives:

1. Students will explore the literary period of Modernism, how it relates to the course text of The Great Gatsby, and how its themes have shaped the evolution of the Western literary tradition. 

2. Students will experiment with fiction writing by composing a short story of their own that incorporates Modernist themes and techniques, specifically those stylistic devices found in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. 

3. Students will master advanced vocabulary not only in definition, but by using words in context in their fiction writing. 

4. Students will be given the opportunity to collaborate with peers and respond to the ideas and writings of their peers with scholarly, constructive criticism. 

5. Students will be exposed to a learning environment that very closely models that of college courses in literary criticism and creative writing, thereby preparing them for future academic endeavors.